L. Shoshana Rhodes
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The Quest for the Lost Foundation
Book Description
Do you look around you at all the evil in this world and ask “How long, Oh Lord?” Does your heart cry out for more of God? Do you ever wish you lived, even for just a little while, in the first century CE, and witness the power, the healings, and the miracles that the early church witnessed? Do you ever wonder what we are missing today that just might shift us into the kingdom of God where we need to be?

Have you ever wondered why Satan has been so hell-bent (literally!) on separating Jew from Gentile and keeping us that way? Do you wonder what the Kingdom of God on earth would look like if we were united into One New Man?

In The Quest for the Lost Foundation, Shoshana explores what just may be the missing piece. Not just ANY piece, but maybe the KEY piece!
Additional Book Titles
"One Lamb Redeemed" by Shoshana Goldberg (pen name) released Sept. 2013
Location (city/state/country)
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Author bio
Shoshana Rhodes has been a Prophetic Intercessor for almost 30 years and a Messianic Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus) for much longer! She has traveled the globe as a missionary and intercessor (well, at least the parts of the globe that contain Russia, Jamaica, and the Navajo Nation)! She is a Registered Nurse, speaker, and teacher of intercession and spiritual warfare. She has also overcome cancer, financial hardship, and betrayal. She is now the author of the book "One Lamb Redeemed" (Pen name: Shoshana Goldberg) and is soon to release her second book "The Quest for the Lost Foundation"!
Professional Speaker Topics
Spiritual Warfare, Intercession, Messianic Judaism, One-New-Man, and other related Christian topics.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

We all have a God-given destiny that many of us don't know anything about, and most of us never achieve. THAT'S JUST WRONG! My passion is helping others to find out what their prophetic destiny is and how to go about moving into it.

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