Professor Stuart Rosenberg
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The Digitalization of the 21st Century Supply Chain
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The goal of this book is to gain a clear picture of current status and future challenges to the automation of the supply chain. Automation has touched all aspects of business. Technologies such as RFID, GPS, etc, have allowed organizations to transform supply chains structures into more flexible, agile and collaborative models. In order to reap maximum benefits from automated supply chain models, it is important that companies internalize them as integral parts of their overall business and organizational structure. Localized disconnected projects and silo based operations pose a serious threat to competitiveness in an increasingly automated global world. The technologies discussed in this text - artificial intelligence, 3D printing, 4.0 Manufacturing, etc, - are coming together to help automate, integrate and improve the global supply chain.
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The Gobal Supply Chain and Risk Management
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Monroe Township
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Stuart M. Rosenberg is an accomplished supply chain management professional with a number of years experience using outstanding communication and leadership skills to coach, mentor and motivate professionals in a challenging environment. As the president of First Choice Supply Chain, his reputation as a savvy supply chain leader is beyond reproach for delivering resourceful business strategies and customer focused solutions. His work with several global corporations - Johnson & Johnson, Cadbury, Reckitt Benckiser and Linde Gas N.A. - and his far-reaching experience in launching, managing and mentoring new programs and strategies resulted in greater customer confidence and improved business results. He has written numerous supply chain articles encompassing all supply chain disciplines. In addition to global corporate experience, Stuart is an adjunct professor of supply chain at Brookdale Community College and Hudson Community College. Stuart also sits as an advisory board member at Seton Hall University's Stillman School of Business. He resides with wife and children in New Jersey.
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Risk Management, The Future of Automation, Food and Its Effect on Health and Nutrition
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Progress not Perfection

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