Monica Surfaro Spigelman
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Corporate Legacies, Annual Reports, Industry Profiles
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Tucson, Arizona
Author bio
Monica Surfaro Spigelman is an Arizona-based editor who moved to the Southwest after a successful, 25-year career in NYC-based corporate communications and non-profit management. As international communications manager for United Parcel Service (UPS), she produced the company’s global employee communications programs as well as speeches for three UPS CEOs. After retiring from UPS, Monica became Communications Vice President and Officer of the national nonprofit Keep America Beautiful. Monica also is a former metropolitan stringer for The New York Times.

After moving to Tucson, and for more than five years, Monica directed the Folk Arts pavilions for the Tucson Meet Yourself festival. For two years, Monica was managing director for a Foothills age-in-place nonprofit called SNAP. She currently is a contributing writer to BizTucson and has written for national magazines including Better RVing, AAA Via and Taproot magazines.

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  1. Dana sherman

    Hi Monica, I deleted Facebook about a year ago and forgot to get contact info for many people. I hope everyone is well. I wrote a picture book and had it published. I was wanting to sent it to Brett for his son. Can you help me in getting this to him.


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