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Writing / Editing
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Blast from Your Past Book 2 - Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties
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Laugh and live (again) through the continued fun and frolic of several disc jockeys' stories from the 1950s*, like Cousin Brucie, Doctor Don Rose and Jim Stagg. And meet many more who join them in this lively romp down Memory Lane. Behind-the-mic true tales of the men and women who keep the turntables spinning across the country, through 1960s musical history. Additional notables include Joey Reynolds, Ron Riley, and Shotgun Tom Kelly. Series dedicated to the "original Rock & Roll animal," Wolfman Jack.
Additional Book Titles
Blast from Your Past Book 1 - Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959 / published
Blast from Your Past Book 3 - Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Psychedelic Seventies / in progress
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San Diego CA USA
Author bio
With a background in administration, I have published regional magazine articles on everything from antiques to outdoor adventure, to architecture. Worked with small press publishers as author consultant and staff writer, and founded a women's writing club in Phoenix. Produced several small conferences in the bridal and writing/publishing industries. Provided freelance editing services in both nonfiction and fiction books. Now, finally, published my own books and forging ahead.
Professional Speaker Topics
Writing, editing, self- and small press publishing.
Virtues of 39+ in writing (and life!).
It's never too late to start ...
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Write first for yourself ... only then can you write for others.

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