Charlotte F LeHecka, PhD
Services Offered
Author, Consultant, Educator, Speaker
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Thrival Skills 101: Path to Joy...Moving from Survival to Thrival
Book Description
Thrival Skills 101 guides you with personal stories, key spiritual principles and practices to a breakthrough in consciousness from which you will NEVER go back. Take this journey and experience yourself moving from survival to thrival.
Location (city/state/country)
Greensboro, NC
Author bio
Charlotte’s passion is helping others become more “at choice” in their lives. As an educator, she pioneered in the field of Accelerated Learning, but in 2009 she felt a pull to do something different. She asked the Universe: “What’s next?” And the Universe promptly guided her to explore her own bookshelves. She found books on spiritual, personal, and relationship development, physical health and wellness and a few on financial health and wellness. In an “aha” moment, she recognized her love for these areas of growth. Along with that dawning came her realization that these were subjects about which most people had questions and concerns. Soon the Bridges to Unity Institute adult education program was born where courses, addressing these five areas of spiritual and personal development, were taught. This book is the outgrowth of that work.

Her vision is of a spiritually awakened world in which all people live in joyful gratitude. Her personal mission is to be a catalyst in moving others to a more awakened state of being in the world through writing, consulting, teaching, speaking and mindfully interacting with people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. She values kindness, commitment, creativity, mindfulness and connectedness. She is a futurist and a learner.
Professional Speaker Topics
The How and Why of Creating Affirmations Specifically for YOU; Endings, the Void and New Beginnings--How Best to Navigate Life Transitions; What the Enneagram Tells You about Yourself, Your Friends and Family; Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your Inherited Purpose; Vibrating with Health: No Matter What the Ailment, Love is the Cure; Relationships as a Spiritual Path--The Practice of Conscious Communication;
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Presence is the best present.

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