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Unleash Your Future: The Powerful 5 Step Formula to Transform Your Dreams Into Reality Through the Law of Attraction
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Unleash Your Future is endorsed by Jack Canfield and received the Must Read seal of approval from Law of Attraction Magazine.

Have you tried using the Law of Attraction (LOA) but failed to manifest results? Do you want more from life but don’t know how to get it? Do you see the success of others, but think it’s not possible for you?

You are not alone. Most people have little success with LOA. Why? Because they haven’t found a simple how-to guide that shows them exactly how to program the Universe to create the life of their dreams. That is, until now!

Unleash Your Future combines success hacker, Mark Boldizar’s science-based study of LOA with bestselling author, Takara Shelor’s engineering and metaphysical understanding. They bring you a refreshing new look at how to manifest all that you desire in a practical and easy-to-use system.
★ Here’s what you will find in Unleash Your Future:

What the Law of Attraction is and more importantly, is not.
The 5 step, simple and reliable formula for manifesting more of what you want.
The hidden force in the universe that is constantly working against you.
Why change is so hard and what you can do to make it easier.
The single most important thing you need to conquer your lack of success.

★ You will also learn:

The power of taking the right actions and how to know which ones those are.
How your true desires and definition of success may have been stolen.
What limitations are sabotaging your ability to achieve what you want most.
The specifics around why manifesting has, and has not, worked for you in the past.
How to “game the system” so that you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Who knew that if you married simple science with manifesting, you’d get a formula that actually works? Unleash Your Future is sure to become the practical, results-driven instruction manual you’ve been waiting for.
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Peering Through the Veil: The Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace
Dolphins & Whales Forever
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United States
Author bio
Takara is best known for helping authors become bestsellers and individuals to experience profound personal transformation so they can achieve their dreams. She's known as the Spiritual Treasure Hunter and for almost three decades, she's helped thousands of people from over 100 countries discover the diamonds and gold within ... their unique gifts and talents, their intuitive abilities, their passion, their purpose, and their joy. She's the 4-time bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace; co-author of Unleash Your Future (endorsed by Jack Canfield and awarded the Must Read Seal of Approval from Law of Attraction Magazine);creator, manager, and co-author of Dolphins and Whales Forever; and contributing author of Extraordinary Teams.

She's been featured in The Mind Aware Show with Dana Wilde, San Diego Business Journal, Maine Well Being, and Australia's famous Living Now Magazine just to name a few. Her articles have been featured in national and international magazines, newspapers, and online news sources for decades. Her clients include National Sales Trainer, Bill Caskey, and bestselling authors Mark Boldizar, Joan Ocean, Grandma Chandra, Laurie Reyon, Cat Parenti, Sierra Goodman, Cyndie Lepori, Mary J Getten, and many more. She has shared the stage with Arielle Ford, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Noah St. John, Jill Lublin, Christine Kloser, Iman Aghay, Rich German, Dudley Evenson, and Lyn Andrews.

She teaches many advanced energy healing techniques and has her own line of life-changing energy healing products endorsed by world-renowned sound healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman, multi-bestselling author Terri Levine, and many others. She's the co-founder of Deep Dive Publishers and Head Instructor at Magnificent U. Her email newsletter, Here’s to Your Magnificence, is enjoyed by thousands of readers from across the globe.

An accomplished polymath, she's done a bit of everything: Winning Awards of Excellence while utilizing her Industrial Engineering skills to manage multi-million dollar projects in the corporate world; leaving her Industrial Engineering management career to move to an island and start a non-profit for dolphins and whales; single-handedly running the internet department of a thriving Nissan dealership; homeschooling her son all 12 years; living on a million dollar yacht in Fiji and the South Pacific; and owning and managing a shamanic healing center in Santa Fe, NM. When she's not helping people move beyond the trauma drama of their past to step boldly into their future, she's swimming with wild dolphins somewhere in the tropics or hiking in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing - Helen Keller

  • Bestselling Book: Unleash Your Future

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