RJ von-Bruening

RJ von-Bruening
RJ von-Bruening
The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch
Using archaeo-astronomy, religious stories, ancient artifacts, and out modern understanding of human evolution, RJ von-Bruening presents a compelling and thought-provoking case to suggest that it is. In the Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch, you’ll take a unique and fascinating journey into the almost forgotten story that is told through the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us today.
Taught in the mystery schools and religions that still exist, a single, understandable story has been woven together from a great number of ancient mysteries, religious stories, and modern conspiracy theories. It will give you the first true understanding and depth and scope of the cultural phenomenon of Satanic New World Order. In the process, The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch provides a radically new timeline and interpretation of the entire biblical tradition.
RJ von-Bruening is a new author and amateur astronomer with an extensive technical background in the electrical industry. The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch is the product of almost twenty-five years of historical research into the occult, secret societies, and conspiracy theories. He is currently living and writing in Montana.
The esoteric religion and related subjects of the paranormal.

Truth points to itself.