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Never Eat Your Emotions Again (series)
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If you already know how to eat healthy but struggle to stick to the food plan of your choice, you are not weak. If despite your best intentions, those healthy greens you bought are now rotting in the bottom of your refrigerator (again), you don’t lack willpower. If you repeatedly managed to lose weight only to gain it all back, nothing is wrong with you. You were simply given the wrong tools.
Eating is how you cope when you get bored, anxious, or stressed. Weight loss tips, eating habits, meal plans, or exercise routines don’t address a coping mechanism that controls your cravings.

This book is the first in a series of workbooks about healing the pain you silence with food and adjusting your way of life so you won’t need the comfort of food anymore. The information is not about finding better ways than eating in order to cope with your emotions. You don’t need to learn new ways to distract yourself from what you feel.

If you are an emotional eater (or wonder if you are) and you want to change your relationship with food, this workbook will help you find—
• Expert guidance to understand what you are experiencing when cravings hit you and why,
• Real-life situations you can relate to, and
• Specific techniques and activities to engage in active emotional eating recovery.
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Certified professional coach Marion Holt has been an emotional eater since childhood. She has lived with morbid obesity. No longer. She shares specific behavioral expertise and techniques for efficiently recovering from emotional eating. She also shares much of her own personal journey in the process because she understands the forces at work. With her own recovery and professional training she’s helped many others going through their own journey to a healthier relationship with food—and a much more fulfilled life.

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    I’m trying to learn more but I can’t get accepted on your free play book nor your monthly newsletter. Also, I can’t figure out how I can order a book. Help Please. Thank you,


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