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Miracles Momentum & Manifestation: Unleash the Secret Powers to Having the Life You Desire: Momentum Through Manifesting and Miracles
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This empowering literary collection of seven women authors... "Miracles, Momentum and Manifestation,"offers myriad topics that stir the soul. We all have varied needs and responses to each. This, the second in the “Breakthrough” anthology series is a collective of wide-ranging experiences and life transformations that were often looked at as miracles. From recognizing the biggest secret lies within you - to learning to listen to the messages the world sends you; From becoming a “thriver” in the midst of depression - to finding the miracles in broken or unhealthy relationships; From finding a positively divine and beautifully abundant recipe for life - to breaking the mantra, “not good enough;" and From the story of a woman who, through the miracle of her daughter’s life, began to realize that her own life was precious and worth living – to discovering how your life would be different if you learned how to tap into your desires and discover a manifestation process that becomes the essence of fulfilling the greatest of them. Eight passionate and accomplished writers share different and individual life journeys sure to touch the hearts of readers everywhere. Each story reveals what the authors experienced in their deepest, darkest places, and just when they thought there was no where else to go… they found a miracle that encouraged them to keep going. The common theme is hope, in the face of distressing circumstances, and gratitude that at the very moment you feel there is no way beyond your situation, you will find a way the impossible becomes possible.
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Chandler AZ
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Anna Weber – Author, Speaker and Literary Strategist – has been serving the publishing industry for over a decade. Her passion extends to the aspiring first–time author who, as a service professional or accomplished entrepreneur, and has a key message or story to share with the world. Unfortunately, as happens frequently, they have most likely hit a brick wall when it comes from taking that idea and moving it to becoming a successfully published and promoted book that allows them to be highly compensated for “leaving their mark on the world!”

Anna’s Voices in Print program is based on the premise that knowledge is power, and that the little things you don’t know prevent you from experiencing success. Her marketing and publishing programs focus on how to gain visibility and actually get the book marketed to the perfect audience who will be most receptive to the book’s topic or message.
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There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.
~ Wayne Dyer

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