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Hometown Innocence Lost - Childhood Memoir of a Small Town Baby Boomer
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Growing up in a small mid-western town during the '50s and '60s was a memorable experience. The '50s were a time of post-World War II/Korean War economic prosperity in which there was predictable day-to-day activity and an unchallenged sense of societal norms. The '60s started as what everyone thought would be a Golden Age, but beginning in 1963 that would all change. Over the next seven years that decade would turn into one of the most chaotic decades in U.S. history. While the author's small town hometown of Elmwood would be spared from some of the chaos at the national level it would not be spared from it all. It would itself experience some heretofore unimaginable events. The two decades could have not been more different. Both national and local events of the '60s would change the psyche of the townspeople forever. The exit of the '60s decade would leave the author's little hometown and the nation as a whole with a sense of a loss of innocence. This a must-read that all Baby Boomers regardless of where they grew up in the U.S. will relate to. The author is currently working on his sixth book about journies in faith.
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Three Down and Locked - Memoir of a Naval Aviator
To Hoist A Symbol Hue - A USNA Class of 74 Memoir
Our Elizabeth Her Struggle with Opioid Addiction
Tall Oaks - Living the Retirement Dream
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Ellijay, Ga
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Larry is a retired Naval Aviator and a graduate of the Naval Academy Class of 1974. He retired from his second career in Information Technology and is enjoying retirement in the north Georgia mountains by pursuing his passion for writing.

He has published four books to date based on his life experiences. To Hoist a Symbol Hue is a memoir of Larry's four years at the Naval Academy during the turbulent 70's. Our Elizabeth Her Struggle With Opioid Addiction tells the story of his youngest daughter's struggle with opioid addiction and its impacts on his family. Tall Oaks: Living The Retirement Dream is a self-help book that lays out a blueprint for how to best plan for retirement day-to-day activity in order to achieve happiness. His just released book, Three Down and Locked, is a memoir of his Naval Aviation Days during the late '70's. He provides lively detail of what was required in 1976 for a Naval Aviator to earn his wings and then to chase Soviet Submarines during the height of the Cold War days as a P-3C Orion Plane Commander.

Larry is currently writing a memoir about growing up in a small town in the Midwest during the '60s. He compares events that happened nationally as well as locally that changed the way of life in his hometown forever. It is titled Hometown Innocence Lost.
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  1. Gordon Clow

    Really enjoyed “Three Down and Locked.”. I was an NFO in VP-8 at PAX River 1965-1968. Then in reserves with VP-68, again at PAX River for 9 years.
    I affiliated with reserves in 1970 and was actually the first NATOPS qualified NFO in the East Coast P-3 reserves. Loved the P-3!. Your book brought back a lot of memories, particularly deployments to Kef, Bermuda, Rota,
    Azores. VP-8 also deployed to SE Asia
    during Vietnam war. Fun times
    Thanks for your story. As a fellow USNA grad, I can truly relate.
    Gordon Clow
    CAPT. USNR (Ret)
    USNA Class of 1964

  2. Matthew J Gibbons


    Matt Gibbons, 1975 year group NFO, Ed Caylor’s CCCP Det XO back in 1978. i particularly enjoyed that you emphasized the revised emergency procedures that were developed after our ditch, I would love to connect with you, All the best,

    Matt Gibbons

  3. Larry Turner


    Thank you for the kind words. I am glad to hear you enjoyed Three Down and Locked. My apologies for not replying to your comment much earlier. I unfortunately do not check this site often enough. I will do so more often from now on.

    I hope you take the opportunity to read my Memoir of my four years at the Academy – To Hoist A Symbol Hue. I would like to hear back from you on how your experience differed from mine given that you graduated ten years earlier!

    All the best,



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