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Three Down and Locked - Memoir Of A Naval Aviator
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Every year the U.S. Navy designates some 1,200 Naval Officers as Naval Aviators once they have successfully completed a rigorous and very demanding flight curriculum. The author was one of those earning his "Wings of Gold" in 1976. He details what was required of student pilots in each phase of flight training and some very unusual events he experienced while doing so. He then describes what was required to become a P-3C Orion pilot and participate in the search for Soviet Nuclear Submarines in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea during the days of Cold War with the Soviet Union. He gives the reader insight into what was required for a P-3 pilot to earn designation as a Patrol Plane Commander, Mission Commander, and Instructor Pilot. He recollects many fascinating experiences while deployed to three very different areas of Soviet submarine activity and the associated strain placed on military families. Finally, he describes the impact of airline hiring in the late ‘70’s that caused a severe shortage of Navy pilots, and the tough decisions many a Naval Aviator had to make as whether to continue a career in the Navy or pursue a career with the airlines. This is a must read for anyone interested in military aviation. For retired Naval Aviators it will serve as a trip down memory lane.
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To Hoist A Symbol Hue - A USNA Class of 74 Memoir
Our Elizabeth Her Struggle with Opioid Addiction
Tall Oaks - Living the Retirement Dream
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Ellijay, Ga
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Larry is a retired Naval Aviator and a graduate of the Naval Academy Class of 1974. He retired from his second career in Information Technology and is enjoying retirement in the north Georgia mountains by pursuing his passion for writing.

He has published four books to date based on his life experiences. To Hoist a Symbol Hue is a memoir of Larry's four years at the Naval Academy during the turbulent 70's. Our Elizabeth Her Struggle With Opioid Addiction tells the story of his youngest daughter's struggle with opioid addiction and its impacts on his family. Tall Oaks: Living The Retirement Dream is a self-help book that lays out a blueprint for how to best plan for retirement day-to-day activity in order to achieve happiness. His just released book, Three Down and Locked, is a memoir of his Naval Aviation Days during the late '70's. He provides lively detail of what was required in 1976 for a Naval Aviator to earn his wings and then to chase Soviet Submarines during the height of the Cold War days as a P-3C Orion Plane Commander.

Larry is currently writing a memoir about growing up in a small town in the Midwest during the '60s. He compares events that happened nationally as well as locally that changed the way of life in his hometown forever. It is titled Hometown Innocence Lost.
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