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Navigate the Medical Maze
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#1 Amazon Bestseller in “3” Medical Categories
William Reiley Butler has given us all a gift in writing this insightful and intelligent resource guide on how to Navigate the Medical Maze of our Health Care Systems. Thank you so very much for this indispensable source of information which will help us all towards informed decisions regarding our health care needs and the healthcare needs of our loved ones. I will surely use this book, over and over again, as a valuable resource for acquiring the necessary information to bring about the best and most favorable outcomes for any medical, surgical, rehabilitation, and home care services. Out of your own personal journey has come to the Phoenix rising.

Diane Hagan, MA.,MSW, LICSW
Outpatient Mental Health Counselor

As a patient, it is your right to live, avoid pain, and avert disablement by investigating 2nd and 3rd opinions from medical professionals.
“Navigate the Medical Maze” contains real-life stories and experiences from patients and medical professionals. These individuals have contributed, personal, heartfelt testimonials about their diagnosis and the benefit of using advocates and consulting with multiple doctor specialist teams.
Patients can control the future of their own health by knowing the roles of the medical professionals at hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes. Especially when there is a need to communicate pain and incapacity.
But how do you go about choosing? Where do you find the data? What do you look for? What questions do you ask? “Navigate the Medical Maze” provides the answers, with the help of real experiences, the how, the where, and the what for the readers.
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Roads to Addiction - Highways to Recovery The Brian Masters Story
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William Reiley Butler, a Westborough Massachusetts resident, was driven to write about his experiences after being crippled from botched medical procedures and contracting multiple, life-threatening infections in his spine, legs, and hips. His motivation was to inspire others to get more than one medical opinion to help avoid debilitating conditions and chronic pain. His book provides testimonials from patients, surgeons, and medical professionals to benefit the reader's understanding of advocacy, medical roles, infection prevention, pain/incapacity scales, and creating detailed comparisons of hospitals, rehab facilities, and nursing homes.

This is Butler's second nonfiction book on real-life stories, researched information, and advice on critical life decisions. His first book, "Roads to Addiction, Highways to Recovery" (under pen name Brian Masters) created eleven action plans and a recommended measuring system for the homeless and those affected by substance abuse. The book was endorsed by researcher and author, William White and Dr. David Best, top experts in the field in London, England.

His website is william-butler.com for Life Realities, LLC
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Comparing surgeons, hospitals, physical rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes; the importance of advocates; understanding pain communication; 1st book: 11 action plans and measurable scales for homelessness and substance abuse recovery
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Yes, you must trust the medical professional, but only if you have consulted and interviewed their equals.

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