e'Layne Kelley
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Mindfulness Coach
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St. Petersburg/Florida/UnitedStates
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The passion for the work I do began in my early twenties as a search to find my younger creative, soulful self. My former spontaneous free spirit was barely recognizable in a cloak of perfectionism, eating obsessions, and harsh self-loathing.

As I watched the workings of my mind, I realized it was my punishing thoughts that were at the core of my self-obsession. But why?

During our socialization process, we layer on beliefs, opinions and stories that conceal the glowing essence of our soulful nature. Many of these thoughts and beliefs are self-limiting and erode our self-esteem.

The work we do in the world and the stuff we accumulate.; wealth, possessions, and promotions, make for a comfortable life. They don't give us a window into our soulful selves, nor do they answer the big life questions, "Who am I," "What happens after our death," and "What is my life's purpose"?

My master's work in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, my position as Florida's Disaster Mental Health Coordinator and life as an art gallery owner and working artist was all extremely insightful and rewarding work. Paralleling my career, I sought answers to life's big questions.

I found the answers are within us all. To find them, we practice observing our thoughts, feelings and reactions to daily life situations. My first book, Roadmap to Ease - The Journey to Your Awakened Life, a teaching memoir, will be released Nov. 1, 2022. Its teachings explain how our thoughts work against us and how to avoid its trap as we’re guided on the journey back to our creative, awakened, soulful, happy selves.
Professional Speaker Topics
Don't Believe Everything You Think
Roadmap to Ease
Grow Your Happy Soulful, Creative, Mindful Life
6 Steps to AWAKEN
How Almost Dying Taught Me How to Live
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

In the quiet mind, intuition finds voice.

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