Kemi Sogunle
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Love, Sex, Lies and Reality
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Love, Sex, Lies and Reality deals with real life issues about relationships. We currently live in a world where people cover up relationships with lying, pretending to Love, put on a facade, Sex has become a frisbee and Reality is shoved under the rug...we all need to face reality and deal with the lies we often tell ourselves at some point in time not to make our live bitter but to make our lives better.
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Columbia, MD USA
Author bio
Kemi Sogunle is the author of Love, Sex, Lies and Reality. She is also a writer, speaker, relationship and life coach.

She writes and speaks from a personal place and experience on relationships, healing, forgiveness and purposeful living by moving from pain to purpose. She shares deep and inspirational messages through her writings and has touched many lives across the globe. She also teaches, motivates and inspires others to be the best version of the person God created them to be on daily basis. She believes that living truthfully is paramount to long-lasting relationships and healthy living.

She also hosts a talk show named after her book which has featured former NFL player and author, Jerone Davison. Her articles have been featured on Ezine Articles and Self-Growth. She is a member of the Women Speaker Association (WSA), Non-Fiction Authors Association and Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI).

Kemi has also served as a volunteer with the Center for Pregnancy Choices and the American Red Cross Key Chapter, while living in Meridian, MS. Kemi holds a first degree in Microbiology and a Master’s degree in Information Technology. She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Love Not Hurt, an organization which promotes self-development, building healthier and stronger relationships and helping others live with purpose. She enjoys spending time with her son, gardening and traveling.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Never Stop Loving While Living...When You Stop Loving, You Stop Living." ~ Kemi Sogunle

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