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Currently working on a memoir, hoping to publish in the near term. Story of the many times told difficult mother-daughter relationship. The difference lies in the impact the mother's childhood unknowingly has on her ability to parent. Her children see her as abusive, both emotionally and verbally, and yet witness her kindnesses to others in the family and community. The continuing question: Why? Later in life, the daughter learns she must move her mother 2200 miles across the country and care for her, the woman she has grown to hate but loves because of the mother bond. Through this last act of caring, forgiveness and grace are shown between the two women without uttering words.
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Published in anthologies as follows:

"The Crumb Gatherer," Loving for Crumbs: An Anthology of Moving On, edited by Jonna Ivins, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 13, 2012)

"Mama and Her Arsenal," My Gutsy Story" Anthology, First Edition, compiled by Sonia Marsh, Gutsy Publications (September 1, 2013)

"The Unexpected," Fall: Women’s Stories and Poems for the Season of Wisdom and Gratitude, edited by Debra Landwehr Engle and Diane Glass (September 20, 2013)

Inside Beachside: 2013 Beachside Writers' Conference | Readings, Writings, Reflections, compiled and edited by Roger Hite (March 2013)

"A Trick or Treat Bag of Fear," Seasons of Our Lives: Autumn, edited by Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett, Knowledge Access Books (February 1, 2014)

"The Sleepover of 1951," Seasons of Our Lives: Winter, edited by Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett, Knowledge Access Books (February 1, 2014)
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Portland, OR, USA
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A retired legal secretary, Sherrey Meyer grew tired of drafting and revising pleadings and legal documents. She had always dreamed of writing something else, anything else! Once she retired she couldn’t stay away from the computer, and so she began to write. Among her projects is a memoir of her “life with mama,” an intriguing Southern tale of matriarchal power and control displayed in verbal and emotional abuse.

You can reach Sherrey on her blogs, Sherrey Meyer, Writer and Puddletown Reviews, on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at Sherrey also has author pages on Amazon and Goodreads.
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“Remember that you own what happened to you. If your childhood was less than ideal, you may have been raised thinking that if you told the truth about what really went on in your family, a long bony white finger would emerge from a cloud and point to you, while a chilling voice thundered, "We *told* you not to tell." But that was then. Just put down on paper everything you can remember now about your parents and siblings and relatives and neighbors, and we will deal with libel later on.” —Anne Lamott

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