Launch of my book 'Position Your Brand' - Shopify Made Easy series.
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Author, Shopify Partner, Speaker, Business Coach
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Positioning Your Brand - Shopify Made Easy series
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Exhausted keeping your online branding on the cutting edge? Explore painless, eye-opening methods for outshining the competition.

Worried your store will be just like all the others? Struggling for success in ecommerce? Think it’s impossible to stand out and still find time to sleep? With over thirty years of navigating both domestic and global commerce, bestselling author, lecturer, and consultant Veronica Jeans’ unflappable perseverance has helped clients harness sophisticated revenue streams. Now she’s here to show you the way to entice customers and get them clamoring for more.

Shopify Made Easy - Position Your Brand is a trove of knowledge aimed at saving time, avoiding stress, and sending sales through the roof. By eliminating the jargon and breaking the journey into simple steps, Jeans equips readers with the expertise to navigate any challenge. And by tapping into these easy-to-execute formulas, you’ll soon be running a brilliant system for promoting products to an enthusiastic audience.

In Shopify Made Easy - Position Your Brand, you’ll discover:
- Expert techniques for creating a brand strategy that works
- How to get your idea online in a way that attracts customers like moths to a flame
- Ways to stand above the crowd and persuade people to buy your products
- Methods for communicating with your customers to keep them coming back for more
- Strategies for helping people feel like part of something bigger, finding and attracting new customers, and much, much more!

The fourth installment in the innovative The Complete Shopify Store Toolkit series, Position
Your Brand is the perfect book for eCommerce owners hungry to improve their reach. If you like down-to-earth approaches, teachers with real-world skills, and leaving nothing to chance, then you’ll love Veronica Jeans’ transformative resource.

Buy Shopify Made Easy - Position Your Brand to go for the gold today!
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Build Your Ecommerce Empire, Brand Your Shopify Store, Optimize Your Shopify Store, Shopify Workbook & Checklist, Ecommerce Planner, Goals & Content Planner
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Seabrook Texas USA
Author bio
Veronica Jeans is an eCommerce business consultant, speaker, Shopify partner, lecturer, and bestselling author. She has had extensive experience helping eCommerce businesses grow in the global marketplace - from startups to brick-and-mortar stores that want to start their own online outlet for additional revenue streams.

Jeans integrates her extensive knowledge in the field of eCommerce, along with her international financial expertise, to offer up a playbook for generating income online.
“78% Of commerce businesses will fail in 2022” said Jeans. “Most entrepreneurs have only a vague idea how to set up their business. In my new book, I provide business owners with the right way to start their online business to show them how to take advantage of the internet. What's more, they don't have to be tech-savvy to get up and running quickly.”
She has been working in international business for over 35 years and her key to success has been never giving up on anything!

Veronica lives now on a yacht in Houston Texas but is originally from Namibia. She has lived with her hubby and sons in several countries before landing in Texas and has maintained she has landed in entrepreneur heaven. Jeans says “Imagine having 350+ million people to sell something to - all in ONE country!”
Professional Speaker Topics
- How To Increase Your Revenue For Your Non-Fiction Books
- How To Sell Your Books Are Online
- How To Set Up Books On Shopify & Get Paid in 3 Days!
- Create Alternative Streams of Revenue
- How To Build Your Shopify Empire
- How To Get More Traffic & Sales For Your Online Business
- How To Stand Out And 10X Your Online Sales
- How To Start Your Online Store & Get Conversions
- Supercharge Your Business With AI
- How To Write Books And Make Money
- Live Streaming & Blogging For Ecommerce
- Why are Goals So Important For Your Business
- How To Start A Skincare Online Boutique
- Run Your Online Business On The Go!
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"Give yourself the gift of time"

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