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I am here
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My memoir written on the year 2014, the 50th year I have been in the United states of America. As a newly graduate physician from the University of Santo Tomas, in Manila,
I planned to do a post graduate training in the United states, for four years and to return home to Makati City where I planned to practice as a specialist in Internal Medicine.
The journey was intended to be for few years but there were many more series of journeys that were like hurdles and all in all archived the many moves that added to the
struggles that resulted to the achievements of a physician towards a specialty. Inter personal encounters as a physician in the medical surroundings and outside the hospital
walls were both educational experiences. Living six years in Canada and returning to the US, then becoming American citizen made a final stake, I am here.
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Future- A Garden In Glenwood
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Born 03/16/1939, Rizal, Philippines, of US citizen parents, grew up as Catholic, educated elementary school at Makati Catholic School , High school at The Philippine Women's University high school division, graduated with honors; Pre-med- medicine track 7 years Letran College to University of Santo Tomas, graduated medical school, 1962; 1963 adjunct resident in EENT at the Rizal provincial Hospital, Makati, Philippines prior to going to USA.
1964- internship , medical/pediatrics, Charles S. Wilson Memorial Hospital, Johnson City, NY
1965- 1967- Residency, including senior residency , Internal Medicine, Charles S. Wilson Memorial hospital; Syracuse University; Short cardiology fellowship, Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas.
1968- Senior residency, Internal Medicine- Buffalo, VA hospital
1969- sabbatical; 1970- Senior residency, partly in Lakeshore General Hospital in Quebec, Canada.
1971- Senior resident in Internal Medicine, Dalhousie University , Halifax, Nova Scotia, Can.
1972-1973- Fellow in Rheumatology, Dalhousie, University, Halifax, Canada.
1974- Return to USA settled in Erie,Pa.
2 homes- first- 4607 Highview Blvd. Erie Pa. 1974-1986
second- 4618 Cherry Str- 1986-2004- sold 2007
returned to 4607 Highview blvd 2004-present

Sabbatical- 1974-1979
1979- 1982 Part time Erie VAMC , physician rheumatologist.
1982- 2001 Private practice, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Erie,Pa.
2001- retired from practice, continued to manage and serve as emeritus, consultant physician to private practice office of partner physician husband, Dilip K. Jana,M.D.

Three children.
1. Reena Jana, marries to Geoffrey Macadam, 2 children- Sacha, Ravi.
2. Anjeli Jana
3. Dev Paul Jana

Professional Speaker Topics
1. Osteoporosis
2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
3. Fibromyalgia
4. Polymyalgia Rheumatica
5. Ankylosing Spondylitis
6. Dermatomyositis
7. Physical examination in rheumatology
8. Vasculitis
10. Auto antibodies
11. Inflammatory polyarthritis
12. American College of Rheumatology topics-

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