Jane Mackay
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ghostwriting, book coaching
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A business memoir for the founder of a company that experienced skyrocket success in a short time. The book is a memoir of the company blended with relevant elements of the client’s personal memoir.
Author bio
I write books for other people and I'm obsessed with mountains. Professionally, for fifteen years -- as a copy editor and more recently as a ghostwriter -- I have found joy, purpose, and great inner reward in helping people tell their stories, share their expertise, and express themselves well through the written word. Personally, in September 2021 I did my first mountain race (in the Swiss Alps, no less!): 32km with 2100m of total elevation gain. As a ghostwriter and book coach, I work with subject matter experts, industry professionals and mountain athletes to bring their book into the world. At Uphill Athlete, I moderate The Female Uphill Athlete forum and zap spam.
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