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Self-help coaching book on "how to survive and thrive during difficult times".
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Sandy Springs
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Zebedee Ducre, Sr. has been a bootstrap corporate professional for fifty years, after serving as an officer in the U.S. Army and combat in Vietnam. Since retiring from IBM in 2001, he has owned a consulting company for twenty years. He earned an MBA from Georgia State University, a BS in Mathematics from Southern University and earned membership in the Southern University Basketball Hall of Fame.
He grew up in a large family in Slidell, Louisiana, and graduated Valedictorian from St. Tammany High School. His experiences working as a grocery store clerk, butcher apprentice, migrant farm worker, being the first to get a college degree in his family and returning with no injuries from a brutal war, can provide you insights on how to survive during challenging times.
Ducre has been looking for ways to help Vietnam Veterans specifically and all veterans with suicide prevention. He has dedicated the last five years creating a self-help process based on real experiences and a planned-life-approach to living a better life he calls BOOTSTRAP. He is an enthusiastic believer in a family-team or community-team based support to surviving during tough times in life.
Zebedee and his wife of fifty-five years, Elaine, are the parents of four children: daughters, Renee, Kelli Jo (deceased), Danielle, and son, Zebedee, Jr. They are the proud grandparents of four grandsons. They live in Atlanta, Georgia.
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BOOTSTRAPISM..."From a Vietnam Foxhole to Corporate and Beyond"
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"The buck stops here."

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