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A Ranch Day Retreat
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A Ranch Day Retreat: Life improving, productivity enhancing, and leadership enabling concepts guided by the model of horses in nature. Turning it up by tuning in.

Join us as we take time out to gain direction, to re-energize, to go back into our lives and Persevere, and to be an Active player in our lives. That is the goal of A Ranch Day Retreat.

A Ranch Day Retreat is Equine Facilitated Personal and Leadership Development, with a broad range of take-away goals including:
Productivity Tools
Leadership effectiveness Tools
Creative problem solving Tools
Goal Setting Techniques
Communication Skills
Leadership Strengthening Skills
Work Ethic

Busy executives to home makers and students will benefit by the concepts covered in A Ranch Day Retreat, with real tools they can take back home and to their organizations.

Discover why the model of horses has proven to be such an effective agent for transnational change, and what we have to learn from them including the concepts of:
Alignment, Congruence, Coherence, Synchronization, Synchrony, and entertainment.

A Ranch Day Retreat is written for the non-rider, and non horse person. If you love horse, all the better. We're simply following the advise of Albert Einstein who said:

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Expect the measurable benefits of increased Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in two main areas:
Personal Competence and Social Competence,
as well as developing personal skills in
Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.

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Los Angeles, CA. USA
Author bio
About Chuck Wolf:
Chuck Wolf, is a Los Angeles resident from the Southbay and Pacific Palisades. He is a public speaker, and certified instructor for the international course, Success:Full Living.
He is the author of A Ranch Day Retreat (CreateSpace 2015). He facilitates a one day workshop, A Ranch Day Retreat. He is also a fine art dealer, curator for the Los Angeles Animal History Museum, with interests in ocean conservation, marine wildlife protection, and animal rescue. He is a recreational rider, and holds a BA in Psychology from Indiana University.
Professional Speaker Topics
Creativity, Problem Solving and Goal Setting: Proven techniques for enhanced Creativity and Problem solving. Through basic meditation and inner attention, we achieve subconscious programming and “compass goal” setting.

Communication: Communication skills focusing on understanding non- verbal communication through the aid of equine observation and understanding.

Work Ethic: Work ethic and individual contribution are examined as it relates to nature with practical applications around home and work life.

Leadership: Leadership strengthening skills are achieved by understanding prey versus predator and herd mentalities, assisted by equine observation.

Fine Art Appreciation for aspiring collectors. Explores different mediums from oil and acrylic to collage, pastel and mixed. Then print mediums from lithograph to etching, serigraph, and silkscreens to today's giclee technology, and what collectors should look for.

Art of the Charleston Renaissance. Explores the movement of Charleston South Carolina. A brief talk with background and images.
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