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Story Structure Consultancy for Nonfiction Writers
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Story and Structure: A complete guide
Book Description
Shortlisted for The People's Book Prize, 2022, Story and Structure tells the untold story of how story works. Using just six primary symbols, author Leon Conrad outlines eighteen story structures and shows how they all optimally solve the problems which give rise to them. The book also demonstrates the much wider application of story, presenting new insights into story as a dynamic force of life, allowing the reader to access more harmony and flow in their life. Writers, storytellers, creative writing teachers, folklorists, narrative therapists, anthropologists, poets, and readers interested in how story works will all find this book useful and informative. Rethink your idea of story.
Additional Book Titles
History Riddles (Liberalis, 2015)
Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System (with David Pinto) (Liberalis, 2015)
Aesop the Storyteller (Aladdin's Cave Publishing, 2007)
Location (city/state/country)
London, UK
Author bio
Hello! I'm Leon Conrad - I'm an entertaining and knowledgeable writer and lecturer; a sensitive story structure consultant and editor who helps writers craft their work at every stage of the writing process; a top-end traditional tutor who helps students get into highly competitive schools; an inspiring voice coach who helps people improve their public speaking skills, voice use, and elocution; and a detail-loving designer who creates historically inspired embroidery designs that intrigue and engage.
Professional Speaker Topics
Story structure for writers (nonfiction and fiction).
Voice coaching, public speaking and presentation skills for writers and poets.
The traditional liberal arts as an integrated and integrative tool for learning and personal development
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Bringing thoughts, words, deeds together to help you be the best 'you' you can be.

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