Daniel Wylie

Daniel Wylie
Daniel Wylie
‘You’re In the Army Now’
An autobiographical account of a young man joining the military fresh from high-school, needing and desperately wanting some adult guidance in his life. He enters a living hell where poor leadership and corruption are present everywhere. Over six years he would have some life altering experiences, including being a witness to a cover-up in an air crash investigation and being a suspect in a double-homicide.
‘Pharmacist On the Edge’
Fort Collins/Colorado/United States
Honorably medically discharged non-commissioned officer, Army, six years service.
Former combat medic
Former licensed nurse.
Former licensed life and health insurance agent.
Licensed Pharmacist
First former soldier to graduate from pharmacy school through the Veteran’s Occupational Rehab program.
Graduated first in class from Business Degree program.

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