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Government as a Trust
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This book discusses the concept of the public operating the government as a trust, to enforce accountability beyond the Legal realm, in Equity; with the public as the grantors of their property, (votes, taxes, rights and compliance with the law) with the government as the trustee, and the public as the intended beneficiary. Through this paradigm the public could enforce on their expectations of government, when the government fails to meet those expectations, through the judiciary, granting the public more power than they would usually experience to hold government to account, and I believe, it is a truer expression of the real relationship between the public and government than is currently understood to be the case by the general public. They are not your masters, whom you have to beg for services or funding; they are in fact, in this paradigm, your servants who have to work really hard to keep their jobs. I give some examples, including some extremes, of uses that this paradigm could be put to, and the power that can be wielded.
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If I were King (of Australia)
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Adelaide, South Australia
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I'm a country boy from the Riverland, who through a good friend gained a keen interest in equity jurisprudence, and civic participation. I have been somewhat of an activist in this space, and it has at times gotten me into a lot of trouble, and made me a lot of very powerful enemies, many of whom, I suspect, have helped themselves to my political and legal ideas and tried to get rid of me as payment. I think it's about time I started making some very powerful friends, and getting paid for the work I do in this space instead, which is why I joined this excellent group. A great authority on Equity once said "the law is like a pair of spectacles for someone whose vision of the right thing is a little blurry, while someone who sees with the eyes of equity sees the right thing without the spectacles, hence someone who understands equity has no trouble understanding the law, but the same can't be said in reverse". My friend, who got me into this, and whom I have enjoyed studying and debating with for hours on these subjects, says I have "The Equity eyes of an eagle", whereas even he (who is arguably a genius in this space)(and has carried some cases that prove the power of equity, by their success) (and has also gotten himself into some trouble for it), claims to only have the "equity eyes" of normal man.
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equity jurisprudence (and theoretical uses)
public policy (ideas) (which are amazing, and would actually solve societal problems once and for all)
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"I don't mind that they steal my ideas, what really bothers me is that they don't have any of their own" Nicola Tesla

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