Services Offered
Behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy
Most Recent Book Title
Crónica de un Psicópata (Spanish)
Book Description
Chapter I A review of what is psychopathy Chapters II & III Description of a psychopath with personal biographical information Chapter IV Media and mental health conditions V Technology and dissemination of Behavioral Therapies
Additional Book Titles
• Manual of Emotions (Manual de Emociones)
• Introduction to Behavior and Cognitive Therapy ( Introducción a la Psicoterapia Conductual y Cognitiva) ,
• Behavior Therapy for Children (Psicologia del Comportamiento Infantil)
• Behavior Therapy Techniques ( Técnicas Terapeúticas Aplicadas a la Conducta) ,
• Clinical Behavior Therapy (Psicología Clínica Behaviorista,.
• Group Psychotherapy (Psicoterapia de grupo) (5th edition)
Location (city/state/country)
New York, NY United States
Author bio
Felicitas Kort is an author ,professor and experienced clinician of Behavior and Cognitive Therapy in Caracas, Venezuela, Central University at the Postgraduate Training in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology,

Convener at Media and Mental Health /United Nations

Volunteer at the Department of Psychiatry Mt. Sinai Hospital East Side, New York City

Since 2001 she has been preparing for Venezuela Depression Awareness Week and Anxiety Disorders Campaigns sponsored by the NGO Freedom From Fear located in New York.

With Freedom from Fear she ran in New York an Internet Talk Show in Spanish in order to disseminate mental health issues where Felicitas is Coordinator and Host.
The website is

With this same goal of disseminating mental health issues Felícitas Kort produced and conducted for six years a radio program talk show “HABITS AND INHABITANTS” where she interviewed professionals, families, youth and children to discuss various disorders in clinical psychology, their definitions, treatments and prevention.

This radio talk show continued in NYC at 93.1 FM for seven weeks in this occasion
discussing the consequences of violent actions in the US and other parts of the world.

In Caracas, Venezuela she has frequently been interviewed by print EL NACIONAL, EL UNIVERSAL and television GLOBOVISION, TELEVEN, RADIO CARACAS TV
Professional Speaker Topics
Anxiety disorders: Phobias, Generalized anxiety, Panic attacks,
Post traumatic Stress Disorder
Suicide prevention
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

If you dreamt it, it is possible.

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