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This is the conversation that many business owners have with themselves – often accompanied by anger, tears or huge amounts of stress:

“I’m incredibly capable! I don’t know anyone who can cram as much into a day as I can! So why do I feel incompetent? And why do I feel like I never get enough done?”

Well, wouldn’t you know! That’s how I feel as a parent. Running a business is a lot like raising a child. You have hopes and aspirations for what it can become. You see its many successes and feel the pain of its failures. You’re proud of what it accomplishes and yet you feel saddled with a whole lot of responsibility you didn’t want or ask for – and frankly, sometimes resent.

But like kids, businesses can mature over time. This book will help small business owners:

• Recognize the stage of maturity they’re in.
• Understand what a business requires at that stage.
• Apply key coping skills to position the business for the next stage of growth.

The stages are:

The Squalling Infant - A new business that demands your constant attention. No matter how much you prepare for its birth, it will present you with challenges you never expected.

The Unruly Toddler - A business that is learning to walk and talk – incredibly fun to run but in a constant state of peril. How do you let it find its feet but keep it out of danger?

The Little Leaguer - A business learning and growing by leaps and bounds that still meets the occasional set-back, sometimes amazing you with spectacular plays and other times – oops, dropping that pop fly.

The Surly Teen - A business pushing the boundaries of adulthood but still showing signs of immaturity. And in many ways, outgrowing you.

The Mature Adult - A successful business that’s running without your constant attention. Just be careful it doesn’t move back home!
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