Kathy Laurenhue
Services Offered
Webinars, brain stimulating, lighthearted content
Most Recent Book Title
Creating Delight - Connecting Gratitude, Humor and Play for all ages
Book Description
Would you like to find unusual ways to stimulate and express gratitude that are more playful and fun than keeping a journal? What we are grateful for makes us smile, puts us in good humor, and lightens our mood. It creates delight in our minds, and this book provides dozens of tangible examples for making that unexpected joy concrete. It works with all ages and intergenerationally. You need this jump start to gratitude glee.
Additional Book Titles
Alzheimer's Basic Caregiving - An ABC Guide, Activities of Daily Living - An ADL Guide for Alzheimer's Care, What's Left? Holidays and Seasons (a hidden message puzzle book), and Getting to Know the Life Stories of Older Adults
Location (city/state/country)
Sarasota, FL, USA
Author bio
On the professional side: My primary interests are in helping people make new connections in their brains by learning new things and making new connections with each other by sharing what they learn. I am the author of the lighthearted, award-winning, weekly, free, downloadable Wiser Now Wednesday, and more than a thousand trivia quizzes, word games, and discussion topics. I’ve written books, give webinars, and write online courses, primarily for activity directors. On the personal side: Being in good humor as often as I can manage is what has gotten me through the tragedies in my life. My cheerfulness has most often been possible to maintain because of my amazing family, friends, and colleagues. We are ALL connected.
Professional Speaker Topics
I cover almost any topic you can imagine that is of interest to activity directors in my webinars. I also speak on Cheerfulness as a Superpower, and Keeping a Quirky Curiosity Alive
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Laughter builds rapport. Rapport builds trust. Trust builds relationships.

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