Deryn van der Tang
Most Recent Book Title
Who Am I? What has God Got to Do with it? Does it Matter?
Book Description
This devotional book uses Psalm 139 as a structure and the intersection of God's involvement in our being and circumstances.
Additional Book Titles
Sunrise to Sunset: African Landscapes-themed Devotions
Location (city/state/country)
Washington DC
Author bio
Deryn is a writer, artist, and lover of nature and travel. Born in the previously named Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), from 1820 Settler pioneering stock, she has traveled the world, moving to South Africa and the United Kingdom. She retired from her career as an exploration cartographer and housing manager and now lives in the United States of America. Her rich adventures have enabled her to write about transforming life’s experiences.
Deryn is a contributing author/illustrator to several books, has published travel articles in the Senior Travel Expert, and contributed to PFS in-house magazine. She writes for her “Crossing My Bridges,” blog about transitions through grief, new destinations, and the second half of life. She has also contributed to “How 7 Women of Faith Manifest GODLY Success Through Spiritual Intimacy.” She also contributed to “In All Things” and published two devotional Books, “Sunrise to Sunset” and “Who am I? What has God got to Do with it? Does it Matter?”.
Professional Speaker Topics
Managing Major life transitions, Preparing for the Second Half of Life, Healing through Creativity.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"If you do one thing a day, you will have achieved thirty things in a month. In this way you progress."

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