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A State of Nature
Book Description
A deep creative nonfiction book that reflects on a variety of topics, social to scientific, adding a layer of perspective which incorporates mysticism and spirituality.
Additional Book Titles
A State of Mind
Author bio
Dillon Jepsen is an American author who specializes in non-fiction spirituality. A graduate with a four-year degree in sociology, he works presently as a funeral director. Dillon began writing in 2016, starting his initial book A State of Mind that was published two years later. He is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and narcolepsy, and takes inspiration from personal experiences with phenomena, his education, and his understanding of other real-world belief systems.

Dillon Jepsen has a variety of talents which are, producing electronic music, acting, writing, and he is known to be humble, compassionate, and kind. He loves his pets, and enjoys his hobbies, being in nature, and having meaningful conversations with his friends, family, and people who follow and know him for his books and music.
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