Jo Bailey - New Zealand author
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Never Forget
Book Description
Six extraordinary, intimate true accounts from World War II feature in Never Forget, including stories of children of war from different corners of the globe, and servicemen recounting their stories from the battlefields of Europe, and in the skies above enemy territory

The massive impact of war on the average citizen is at the heart of Never Forget. Children witness atrocities they should never see. Families are forced to leave their homes forever, or live alongside the enemy on their own land. Children lose fathers and brothers to prisoner-of-war camps. Some are orphaned. Food is scarce and they face crippling hunger. The emotional toll on the servicemen after years of relentless action is hard for them to bear.

While the wartime reflections in Never Forget are often painful, the stories are inspirational too. They honour the inner strength, incredible will to survive, and hope these people were able to summons in the face of incredible odds, and their gratitude for the bright future they were able to forge in the post-war years.
Additional Book Titles
The Long Way Home
From Rag Trade to Mag Trade
When the Doors Go Up
Location (city/state/country)
Christchurch, New Zealand
Author bio
Jo Bailey is a New Zealand writer, editor, publisher, journalist, public speaker, writing coach, and author of four non-fiction books. Her latest title called Never Forget is a collection of six gripping World War II stories, and reflects her passion for history, memoir and biography. Jo is an accomplished public speaker, who gives talks about her books, writing life stories, journaling, and her cancer survival story. She also teaches regular writing workshops.

Throughout more than 30 years working in print media in New Zealand, Jo has written thousands of news, feature and promotional stories, and interviewed many high profile people and celebrities, including rock stars, politicians, top sportspeople and television personalities. In 2000, she was the co-writer of a musical black comedy, Robin Hood, a Twisted Sherwood Tale.

Following the terror attack in her home town of Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019, Jo founded the multi-award winning community organisation, Uniting Canterbury Women, which promotes unity and inclusivity among women of all cultures and ethnicities in the city. Storytelling is a key tool used by the group. In 2020, Uniting Canterbury Women won a Te Ara Wāhine o Ōtautahi (Women’s Award) for “female champions, campaigners and change-makers”.

Jo won the 2020 Brockenhurst Scholarship from the Christchurch Memorial RSA (NZ) and Christchurch Sister Cities Association (UK), to travel to the UK to further her research on a nurse who served at the New Zealand No.1 General Hospital at Brockenhurst, Hampshire, UK during World War I.
Professional Speaker Topics
Never Forget book talk
Writing Life Stories - one hour talk, mini workshop, and full 3.5 hour workshop
Becoming an accidental social change activist
Pink Ribbon Talk - my cancer journey
Journaling for wellbeing
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"When we deny the story it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending."
Brene Brown

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