Bryanne Elaine Mitchell-Gonzales
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Public Relations, Marketing, and Creative Business Development
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Color Coded Media Group is a multimedia company that harnesses converging media to amplify the voices of diverse cultural identities.We build community around our differences and use the arts in media to inspire civic engagement. Our creators take risks and stretch the imagination to enlighten their audiences with fresh perspectives. We work to bring a convergence of entertainment and information in multimedia formats and we aim to share a world view that includes every hue.

We connect with our creators to get a deeper understanding of their communities in order to tell inclusive stories and to implement the best strategies for honoring their communal legacies. Our creators trust us to help them build for longevity. We encourage them to make something worth creating and we focus on world-changing possibilities. Everything we do is meaningful. Our associates are people who value constant improvement. Our creators trust our team to help them overcome obstacles, create innovative solutions, and produce amazing results.

We do exceptional work for our clients during each phase of growth for their businesses. Our clients can count on us to use every endeavor as a specific tool for reaching quantifiable goals. We guide the companies we work with from research and development to campaign execution and analytics. We know that every business is different and every tactic doesn’t work for every company. Each strategy and solution we offer is tailored from the beginning to serve our client’s individual needs.

Our team delivers high-end solutions using proven methods, tools, and technology, fit for creative businesses of any size. Since 2016, we’ve worked with emerging brands to help them develop and achieve their loftiest goals. Our team members are incomparably resourceful, energetic, accountable, and responsive. We are diligent, we aim high, and we deliver successful, transformative results.
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Public Relations for Creative Professionals, Marketing your creative project
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A World View in Your Hue

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