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Write That Book! How to Start or Finish the Book You Are Meant to Write
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Once I became an author, then came the many questions about how did I do that. I also discovered that the desire to write a book didn't necessarily result in a book because many people have a lot of fear around writing, fear about being judged.

I wrote Write That Book! to inspire, inform and give aspiring authors practical tools that will move them from dreaming, thinking and talking about writing a book to seeing their name grace the cover of a book.

I tackle such topics as:
- the 3 "Absolutes" required to write a book
- what gets in the way
- getting out of your own way
- how to write a book in just 12 weeks
- and more...

Additional Book Titles
Love Addicted: One Woman's Spiritual Journey Through Emotional Dependency
Why Did He Break Up With Me: Lessons in Love, Loss & Letting Go
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Baltimore, MD USA
Author bio
Attorney turned author of three books, editor, coach and midwife to aspiring authors, and publisher at Sunny House Press.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Spiritual Path to Writing a Book
Done is Better Than Perfect
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Done is Better Than Perfect

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