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"Youth Sports: How to Play the Game"
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This book is for parents but also coaches, other family members, trainers and all those involved in helping young people develop in their chosen sport(s). In addition to personal experience, "Youth Sports: How to Play the Game" is built upon extensive high level research of both primary and secondary sources as well as interviews with professional players and coaches in baseball, softball, soccer, hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Chapters are supplemented by activities that you and your player can complete in order to circumvent some of the issues identified.
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New York City
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After receiving a scholarship to play ice hockey at the University of Michigan and being drafted into the NHL, author Tim Cook played professionally in both the U.S. and Europe. He then transitioned to working for the NY Islanders and then the Pittsburgh Penguins. For the last seven years Tim has taught high school and coached soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse at the youth level.
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Youth Sports; Education; Pedagogy; Development
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