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You Don't Want a Job
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Picture this scene: walking along a mountain path, you slip — and go right over the edge. Your hired guide grabs your hand. Whew! Safety. Then, he starts to slip. Look into his eyes. Imagine it. This is no lifelong friend, no loved one, no trusted ally. Your only relationship is money. When he starts to slip, would you rather be hanging from his hand, or hanging onto something with your own? Self-employment is preferable to having a job because the more control we assume over our finances, the lower our risk and greater our reward.
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Queen Creek, AZ
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I started reading the year the Beatles’ first album came out. I was 4.

I started writing not long after that.

Over the past decade I’ve written over 150 songs, 9 business books, 5 mysteries, 1 children’s book, and about a million words on various blogs.

I revere Raymond Chandler. Love Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mysteries (oh, to be Archie Goodwin.) Dick Francis. Isaac Asimov and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Best Beloved and our Little One and I recently moved from a beautiful house on a lake in the frozen north (Wisconsin, 2 hours due south of the western tip of Lake Superior) to Queen Creek, Arizona, almost as far south as you can get.
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Taking the Pain and Mystery Out of Becoming an Author
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A life worth living would be worth living whether or not it had an ending.

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