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American Airman, a memoir of a wounded veteran
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Since 9/11, over 30,000 veterans have died by suicide — 4x the number of U.S. military
personnel who’ve died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. American Airman is about a
veteran channeling his pain into a new life purpose. It tells a life story from enlistment to
a near fatal injury while on active-duty and then through transitioning into civilian life.
American Airman is a story of vulnerability and resiliency. It bears witness to the men
and women who, in fighting for our rights and freedoms, make unimaginable sacrifices
and then must search for a new normal after sacrifice becomes reality.
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Falling Leaves
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Jonathon Benjamin is an author and playwright. He studied at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Having grown up in an Army family, it he enlisted in the Air Force. But, after a nearly fatal accident, he retired, having served 5 years, 12 days and 4.5 hours. He began playwriting as an undergraduate and his first play was produced by the John F Kennedy Center in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. That play became a book of prose that self-published. Jonathon currently lives in Seattle, Washington and enjoys being back in the Pacific Northwest.
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Military, Disability, African American History, Theatre
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"I can't go on. I must go on. I will go on." --Samuel Beckett

  • Maxy Award 2022

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