Dr Val Wilson
Services Offered
Diabetes Health Education
Most Recent Book Title
Psychology in Diabetes Care and Practice (2022)
Book Description
A comprehensive guide to psychosocial issues associated with having diabetes.
Additional Book Titles
Psychology in Diabetes Care and Practice (2022) Oxford and New York: Routledge (Taylor Francis). ISBN: 9781032196473.

How to Reduce Your Child’s Sugar Intake: A Quick and Easy Guide to Improving your Family’s Health (2021) London: Robinson (Little, Brown Book Group). ISBN: 978-1-472-144881.

How to Live Well with Diabetes; A Comprehensive Guide to Taking Control of Your Life with Diabetes (2019) London: Robinson (Little, Brown Book Group). ISBN: 978-1-4721-4404-1.

Insulin Uses & Abuses (2014) New York: Teneo Press. ISBN: 978-1-934844-2.

Diabetes: From the Ebers Papyrus to Stem Cell Technology (2013) New York: Teneo Press. ISBN: 978-1-934844-82-3. Winner of a silver award from the Non-Fiction Writer’s Association (2016).
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Kent, United Kingdom
Author bio
Dr Val Wilson is a member of the Society of Medical Writers and holds a PhD and MSc in diabetes health education, as well as having had Type 1 diabetes for 45 years. Her mission is to help others with diabetes, health professionals and carers by providing information, education and support through her diabetes books.
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