Jessica Andersen
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Develop, write, and refine a book for your brand.
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Normandy, France
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You’ve got a story worth telling, but you’re not an “author.” Yet you dream of making more social impact, and you know you can do it with a thought leadership book.

Imagine holding that book in your hands for the first time, signing copies for readers, flipping the content into a digital course for your business, leveraging it for speaking opportunities, and meeting others who have aligned with your book’s core message because they read the pages containing your brand’s mission…

… but it seems like a LOT of work.

You put off creating your book because you don’t have a plan or don’t make time to write. Or maybe you’re sitting on a manuscript you’re too intimidated to publish.

Whether you need help starting your book or finishing it, I’ve got an editorial service to support you!

If you’ve never written a book before, don’t wait to work with an editor. My VIP day will develop the ideal overall structure for your book so you know exactly what to write from start to finish.

Once you’ve got a complete draft, my VIP week will refine it word by word, transforming your writing into a publish-ready manuscript.

I’ve helped clients gain clarity on their book’s core message, brainstorm content ideas, conduct market research, develop a custom style guide, and even make peace with grammar and punctuation.

Your time commitment is a day or two to develop your book and create a writing plan. Once the first draft is complete, we’ll need a week or two to refine it. (There’s the actual writing to do in between, but if you think you’d rather hand that off to someone else, get in touch—I have some ideas for you.)

I work with heart-centered personal brands, coaches, CEOs, and consultants, whether you are writing your first book or your fifteenth. I developed my offers after watching too many clients struggle to bring their book dreams from initial concept to final final FINAL draft.

Develop, write, and refine a thought leadership book for your brand—without the overwhelm, and with all the confidence you need to publish!

You can do this even if you are “too busy,” not a “real” author, or “bad at grammar.”

So if you’ve been dreaming of writing a book, but you’re staring at a blank page… what’s it costing you? Working with an editor will ultimately save you money… and lots and LOTS of time.

Start your editorial journey today and confidently write that brand book to drive social change!

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