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Creative Writing, Literary Translation
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The BEST KEY TO LOSING WEIGHT is a weight loss book that includes YOUR PERSONAL IDEAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. You don't have to diet strictly, count calories, or do any workouts - just follow the program, eat healthy, tasty, nutritious food and you'll see results.
Plus, the book contains other magic tips and tricks like self-hypnosis, self-programming, and appetite suppressants for weight loss, to help you along your weight loss journey. With this book, you'll be able to achieve your ideal weight in no time!
Additional Book Titles
Book of Love and Gossip - Europe, Book of Love and Gossip - Japan, Lies in Free Flow
Author bio
I was born in Bucharest City Center, but now, I live in the City of Happiness. You may remember me from publications with names like Anti-Memoirs of a Muse, Book of Love and Gossip, and Lies in Free Flow. By the way, you can buy the Book of Love and Gossip here, on Amazon.

I write and translate books for a living. Many of my translations are on Amazon, too. For instance, the novels Born on the Dark Side, Don’t Shed No Tears, Brother, and ADAGIO by Nan Constantin Ilie.

I usually write to inspire people to maintain a positive outlook, to be adaptable, and to change.

And I like challenges and new projects. My true passion lies in decoding texts, subtexts, and characters. That motivates and inspires my work on literary translations from English to German, Romanian, Italian and more. I love being able to share stories with people all over the world, and I firmly believe that literature should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, I strive to produce translations that capture the essence.

I’m also fascinated by the ineffable ideas at the intersection of arts and sciences. Apart from love, exploring the arts is a great way to express yourself and connect with others.

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