Marni Spencer-Devlin
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Writing, Coaching, Marketing
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The List Method - the science-based way to find the love of your life
Book Description
The love of your life is out there. Where are you?
The desire to be loved and to love someone never really goes away. You may think we’ve given up on the love, but really you’ve only given up on hope.
You've never found it because you thought you would meet your partner by accident but finding the one person who is absolutely perfect for you out of almost eight billion people on the planet is an incredibly complex process that can't be left to chance.
In her new book, Marni unravels the mystery.
1. The science behind the human brain and why we often resists the things we want the most.
2. Why we have so many blind spots when it comes to finding love and how to clear them.
3. Why loneliness is the greatest barrier to finding the love you crave and how to never to be lonely again.
4. How to fall in love with yourself so you can allow someone else to fall in love with you.
5. How to spot your perfect love in a crowd.
Additional Book Titles
Crawling Into the Light
The Iceberg Principles
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