Diana Stout
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Finding Your Fire & Keeping It Hot
Book Description
Motivational how-to for anyone wanting to find their passion, their purpose in life, and how to keep that passion fired up despite life's speed bumps.
Additional Book Titles
Grendel's Mother; Maggie's Story; Determined Hearts; David & Goliath; The Super Simple Easy Basic Cookbook; Laurel Ridge romance series: Shattered Dreams #1, Burning Desire #2, Arrested Pleasures #3, Buried Hearts #4; Love's New Beginnings; Tomorrow's Wish for Love
Location (city/state/country)
Marshall, MI, U.S.A.
Author bio
Born in the Deep South and raised in Michigan, Diana Stout, MFA, Ph.D., is an award-winning writer in multiple genres and media. She's a screenwriter, author, blogger, and former English professor. Teaching writing classes online and at community colleges led her to become a non-traditional student in mid-life, so she could teach writing in accredited university classes. Today, she writes full-time as an indie publisher. As a screenwriter, she's been told she's "a writer to watch." To learn more about her writing history, visit her website at https://sharpenedpencilsproductions.com
Professional Speaker Topics
Business writing vs. creative writing, including creative non-fiction. Avoiding plagiarism and best practices to use. Becoming an indie author: from idea to publication. (Previous presentations are listed on Diana's website, Selected Presentations page.)
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Be like water and Just flow. - Diana Stout

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