Lea Tran
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Speaking and business skills coaching
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I Did Not Miss the Boat- Memoir of a Vietnam Hoa Refugee
Book Description
I Did Not Miss the Boat is the coming-of-age story of an adolescent girl who struggled to help her family’s assimilation into a new country while searching for her own identity. From surviving the vast South China Seas, pirate raids, and uninhabited Indonesian islands to surviving high school and family life, Lea Tran did not experience a typical American upbringing.

When the communists took over Saigon, Tran’s world turned upside down. Together with five hundred others, she and her family left everything they knew, hoping for a better future as “boat people,” part of the mass exodus of refugees from post-war Vietnam.

Being Hoa, a Chinese minority in Vietnam, meant that she had shallow roots in both Chinese and Vietnamese traditions. In coming to America, she and her family grappled with holding onto their heritage while embracing the new Western culture. Her memoir speaks to the experience of first-generation immigrants and refugees and what it was like to rebuild their lives in a foreign land.
Through her vivid account of harrowing times, drastically opposite environments, and unparalleled determination, Lea Tran's inspiring journey from oppressive traditions to self-discovery and liberation will captivate and educate any non-fiction fan.
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Central Florida
Author bio
Lea Tran brings rich cultural awareness and humility through her message of diversity and inclusion to bridge the cultural gaps in school and corporate environments. Lea empowers and inspires her audience to courageously step out of their comfort zone to be bold without being reckless so they don't miss out on opportunities in life, personally and professionally.
Lea is a dynamic Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Business Skills Coach, and Author of "I Did Not Miss the Boat- Memoir of A Vietnam Hoa Refugee." A historical non-fiction story that will inspire her readers to amend their pasts, and reconnect with their own roots so they can heal and propel to a better future.
An ethnic Chinese, former "boat person" refugee from Vietnam, through her arduous journey of escaping Vietnam communism, she survived a war-torn country, domestic violence, poverty, and social isolation to thrive in a foreign land.
Lea graduated from Villanova University with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, a female scientist turned successful entrepreneur and business owner. She currently resides in Florida with her husband.

Check out her TEDx talk "I Did Not Miss the Boat" http://bit.ly/LeaTranTED
Professional Speaker Topics
1. Don't Miss Your Boat. Build It!
2. Stop Fighting Yourself!
3. Rock the Big Boat!
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Don’t settle for a life that is given to you, but use what you are given to build a life of your intention and Purpose." - Lea Tran

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