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Speaking, Assistance with Self Publishing, Technology
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Fixing the Funny Bone: The G.R.I.T. Method to Heal with Humor
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Certified Humor Professional Jennifer Keith shares personal experiences of trauma cushioned by humor to empower you with the skills to take those traumatic losses in your life and soothe them with lessons of learning and laughter. Finding the funny is an arduous process when facing trauma and loss, but moving through the pain with a balance of humor and joy can ease the memory of the darkness next time the triggers pop up. You too can embrace the healing of trauma and loss with humor - it doesn't mean trauma is funny at all - and reduce the stress of your memories by finding the funny faster.
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Forget flying, invisibility or teleportation - the best superpower to covet is humor. Jennifer Keith’s superpower has been and always will be humor - in many forms.

As a certified Humor Professional and current president of the international Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Jennifer discovered the brain remembers two things - trauma and humor. Using her G.R.I.T. method of using humor to process trauma and loss, Jennifer finds ways to fix the funny bone and find the funny faster when surrounded by disappointing and upsetting events. If your brain is remembering the difficult times anyway, why not cushion them with a little bit of light, levity, and laughter?

Jennifer has degrees in English, journalism, theatre, technology, and educational leadership, proving that she doesn’t want to nor should any of us grow up or stop learning. Jennifer recently added TEDx Speaker and author in the same month and encourages you to take funny bone breaks - integrating humor into daily life, career, and family situations which can transform situations from barely tolerable to memorably positive.

Jennifer lives in central Illinois with her husband, two daughters, and three dogs. You can follow her at
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Humor and the Workplace, Living Life with Humor, Working through Trauma, Caring for the Caregiver, Technology
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