Cathy Oasheim
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Nonfiction Coaching and Editing (Developmental, Substantial, Copyediting)
Most Recent Book Title
Bridges to Reconciliation (Summer 2023 Launch)
Book Description
Bridges to Reconciliation is an account of Cathy's first mediation assignment in 2013 between the oldest daughter who blew the whistle on her abusive father in her family of six. He found Jesus Christ in the jailhouse and was sentenced to three years of solitary confinement in the state institution. His psychologist officially diagnosed him at this time in the 1970s as a dangerous Criminal Sexual Psychopath (CSP).

The author's research for the assignment took her through many winding roads of interviews, lies, coverups, shame, truth, understanding, restoration, travel, and therapy as she got to know, observe, and explore each member of the family and considered the possibilities within the gray areas of reconciliation. Was reconciliation possible for or between all parties after many decades of healing? She finds new definitions of reconciliation as she details what happened to each member during their time within the realm of their father's abuse. She witnesses the after effects and how their hearts and souls were restored above their scarred identities after his arrest.

The story climaxes with the mediation assignment where the author is face to face with a psychopath, his second wife, the daughter, and her mentor, a prison chaplain whom she invited to observe the process.

The author writes in such a way that reveals the hearts and souls of everyone during this three-day mediation. Does the daughter get the answers she is looking for? Join along to witness powerful scenes, discussions, and a transformative mediation process. How does everyone reconcile?

This memoir is a page turner that invokes every emotion one time or another. Trigger warnings are present, and this true story educates, inspires, and provides hope for those who have encountered horrific crimes and supports the professionals who work with them.

Additional Book Titles
LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Life Behind Prison Walls by Dr. Yong Hui McDonald (I wrote chapter 6)
Location (city/state/country)
Central Florida (Palm Bay) Space Coast
Author bio
Cathy Oasheim is a globetrotter, proud U.S. Navy veteran, and a professional editor.

While she edits primarily memoirs, Cathy continues to expand her editing services to include wholesome works like Christian articles and devotionals, biographies, journal articles, blog posts, war stories, restorative justice, dissertations, academic papers, manuscript critiques, speech editing and writing, and romantic and general fiction. Because of her global mindset and love for travel and intercultural experiences, she has refined her editing skills to better serve English as a Second Language (ESL) authors, namely Spanish and Korean.
Professional Speaker Topics
Psychological Education, Trauma (military and otherwise), Humous & Inspirational Stories, Publishing Education (contracts, tools, processes).
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Refining Your Masterpiece by Oasheim Editing Services, LLC. I get into your mind to get that story moved to your heart, out of the plume onto the page, and in your voice. You won't know I was there.

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