Delpha Clarke
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It is on You To Own You
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Delpha is the second to last of 23 brothers and sisters living in the poorer section of Spanish Town Jamaica. She was born in poverty to a father who could not read but who is the reason for her success today. Her mother walked for miles with mangoes on her head to feed her children. The struggles were fierce as they often experience hunger.

From her home, a mere shack, she skipped barefooted through exposed electric wires on the ground with fear of being electrocuted as she pushed on to forage and search for food to help feed her brothers and sisters to survive another day. With grit and determination, she sent herself through university to become a nurse. Help dry her tears as she experiences the pain of racism as she works in America. Also, despite a failed marriage she finds the courage to get back up and fight another day.

Journey with Delpha and be amazed at her journey from poverty to prosperity.

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palm bay/florida/32908
Author bio
Delph Clarke attended the Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville Manchester, Jamaica. After four years of scraping her coins together and much hardship, she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She later travelled to the Turks and Caicos Islands to begin her career.
She now resides in the United States of America and works as a Travelling Emergency Room Nurse. A love for the beach and hiking keeps her fit and motivated while she treasures her bond with her son.
Delpha's love for writing bursts with determination, grit, and inspiration as she shares the depth of her soul and journey out of poverty.
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Have a plan and stay focus

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