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My Two Centuries in Africa
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Epic Fights. Long Flights. Mosquito Bites. The author acts as the narrator through 40 years in Africa, working on global health challenges in 29 of 54 countries, meeting African people, making friends, finding love and surviving loss, discovering adventure, and finding there is so much more to Africa!
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Carl William Henn is a global health professional with 40 years of experience living and working in Africa or working on health matters in Africa. He started his career in North Africa (Morocco) in the 1980s in the Peace Corps. He has since visited and worked in more than half of the 54 independent nations in East, North, Southern and West Africa.
Carl is a Hoosier by birth, and to him, no matter where he lives in the world, Indiana is still his home.
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Life, Love, Loss, Adventure, Humor, Travel, Cycling, Music, Public health, Africa, or your topic of choice
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Life goes on!

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