Ruthie Spoonemore
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Diagnosed at Seventeen My Struggles and Triumphs Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Book Description
Diagnosed at Seventeen is the story of how living with rheumatoid arthritis changed my life. In this story, you will follow me on a journey of doctor appointments, therapy, and surgical procedures to manage the devastating effects of RA. You'll learn about my low points, for example discovering severe damage to my esophagus which makes swallowing difficult. You'll also read about my high points such as graduating college by taking classes between surgeries.

Although the quick progression of the disease wrecked my body and drowned my childhood dreams and a daily tendency towards depression and lethargy tested my faith in God.

Today, I live my life with a deeper trust in God's love and guidance. His plans are my plans and everyday is a new chance to grab the opportunities He gives me and run with them.

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Portland, OR USA

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