UB Hawthorn

UB Hawthorn
UB Hawthorn
Journeybook: A Guided Travel Journal and Trip Planner to Inspire and Facilitate Your Travels
Journeybook: A Guided Travel Journal and Trip Planner is a guide to both the practical and contemplative aspects of travel, featuring a number of useful resources as well as lined and blank journalling pages with inspiring quotes to keep you journalling every day.
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Watsonville, CA, USA
UB Hawthorn has been editing The Mindful Word journal of engaged living since its inception in 2007. He publishes his articles and books through The Mindful Word and also writes for a number of magazines and websites on a freelance basis. Originally from Canada, Hawthorn has travelled and lived in several countries, most recently in India for the past couple of years. He writes about travel, mindfulness, spirituality, sustainability and green living. Read more of his writing at www.themindfulword.org.

Don’t just do something, sit there. – Thich Nhat Hanh