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Business Breakthrough Coaching, Build Your Authority, Credibility, and Influence Coaching, Author Mentoring, Speaker and Media Training, Life Optimising and Business Mastery Vital Planning 5 or 10 day one-on-one retreat, How to Build a 7 Figure Business on a Back of a Book Coaching, Confidence and Certainty Building Coaching, Speaker and Media Training
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A Path to Excellence
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Award-winning life strategist and business coach Tony Jeton Selimi has observed that far too many people give in to their disempowering beliefs and settle for mediocrity from the fear of failure, judgment, and other people's expectations of them. It is for this reason that he releases “A Path to Excellence” (published by Balboa Press).

This book aims to empower readers to go beyond perceived limits and face their doubts and excuses in all aspects of life — be it in their relationships, family, school, career, business, ministry, community, etc. Here, the author discusses the principles of The Octagon Of Excellence™ and shows them how to address every challenge mindfully, sharpen their focus, improve their mental readiness, control distractions, and give constructive feedback through collaboration, re-evaluation, and self-reflection as they go through the eight inevitable cycles of life. Included as well are anecdotes of clients from all professional backgrounds and businesses who have used the eight transformational principles and achieved phenomenal results, growth and transformation that otherwise would seem impossible. Those who are feeling anxious, frustrated and dissatisfied their lives will find “A Path to Excellence” an excellent daily companion.

“The pursuit of excellence will always, always, always be the better option when compared to settling for mediocrity,” Selimi states. “I want to give them (readers) a road map to win the inevitable and ever-evolving life challenges and the battles they'll encounter on their journey to grow into their fullest potential.”

Inside, you’ll discover:

• The Eight Essential Components of Human Excellence
• How to Go Beyond Your Perceived Limits
• How To Face Your Doubts, Excuses and Fears Head On
• A Step-By-Step Path To Address Challenges Mindfully, Overcome Distractions and Sharpen Your Focus
• The Exact Actions to Take to Break Free From the Internal Barriers That Are Preventing You From Achieving Your Full Potential
Additional Book Titles
A Path to Wisdom, #Loneliness, Fit for Purpose Leadership #3, The Unfakeable Code®, and Novum 10 anthology, a selection of spiritually inspired poems.
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Author bio
Born in 1969 in Gostivar, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Tony Jeton Selimi moved to London in 1990 at age 20 to find a haven from the atrocities of the civil war he had to fight. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he went from living homeless and penniless to an internationally recognized authority and a leader in personal, professional, leadership, and business development, a professional speaker, an award-winning author, transformational life and business coach specializing in human behavior, emotional intelligence and maximizing human potential.

Described as "a visionary thinker with a rare ability to see through people's disempowered states, beliefs, and behaviors and awaken their innate wisdom, ever-evolving purpose, and mission in life," Tony assists people from all professions to break through mental imprisonment, addictions, fears, depression, phobias, and limiting beliefs impacting their personal, relational, professional, business, and financial lives.

Tony founded TJS Cognition with a heavenly vision to infiltrate his methods, principles, and teaching. He was born out of thirty years of continuous study and cross-disciplinary research, delivering over 25,000 coachings, training, mentoring hours, and working experience in business, leadership, government, education, and health care. In doing so, he aims to inspire decisive action and positive transformation in the lives of one billion people contributing to accomplishing the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the evolution of human consciousness.

Through his coaching, training business, and proven methods, Tony assists people in building the solid foundations and emotional resilience needed to create memorable and lasting spiritual and material transformations. He is dedicated to enabling individuals to take their education, expertise, and experiences and turn them into self-empowerment opportunities, a calling for commitment beyond oneself, and leverage their transformation to create more significant income and impact in meaningful entrepreneurship of career path. He has coached and trained thousands of people from countries all over the world.

Businesses from all market sectors engaged in high-stress, productivity, and purpose missions seek his expertise to turn their challenges, frustrations, and pains into stepping stones, map out clear values and purpose-driven vision, detailed plan, and strategy for improving business performance, employee engagement, retention, communication skills, and elevate people's thinking and overall organization well-being. Using his broad expertise from his ground-breaking methods empowers you to discover a different and more empowering way of thinking to take the guesswork out of what to do next so you can grow fast.

Globally, Tony travels to educate and inspire people with enlightening perspectives, humorous metaphors, and a heart-illuminating personal journey. He has spoken at hundreds of stages, including the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, TEDx, Rotary International, PSA, London Business shows, Body Mind Spirit, European University of Tirana, Asset House, the Cranfield School of Management, etc.

Tony is a University College London (UCL) graduate who studied many life disciplines and received several awards. He is a qualified coach recognized by several reputable institutions, including the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Institution of Leadership and Management (ILM), the Demartini Institute, the Complementary Therapists Association, and Martin Brofman's Foundation of Advanced Healers, and is a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

He is an executive producer of The Truth About Reading documentary, co-created the 'Living My Illusion – The Truth Hurts award-winning life coaching documentary on Amazon Prime, created the Into Your Divinity Documentary Series and pioneered several trademarked methodologies in human development. Winner of the London SME Most Visionary Entrepreneur and Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Business Coach of the Year Award. Silver Winner of Literary Book Award, Book Excellence, and winner of the USA and International Book, Top Shelf Magazine, Readers Favourite Five Star Seal, and Maincreast Media Book Award for A Path to Wisdom, #Loneliness, Fit for Purpose #3, Novum 10, The Unfakeable Code®, and A Path to Excellence. Author of the upcoming book The Unfakeable Genius®. Tony is no stranger to the media, appearing in various TV, Radio, and Podcast shows, including being interviewed by Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, BBC, and their affiliate channels, reaching over 100 people worldwide.

For more inspiration and strategies for growth, empowerment, and transformation, follow Tony on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. To book a consultation or interview him, please send an e-mail to For further information about what Tony can do for your relationships, career, business, leaders, team, finances, organization, or country, please go to
Professional Speaker Topics
He is a sought-after speaker in the following topics: The Science of Groth Mindset and Life Transformation, Be Unfakeable and See You at The Top, The Fastest Way to Improve Your Mental Health, Make Me Famous Formula- How to Grow Your Authority, Credibility, and Influence, The Secrets to Authentic and Inspirational Leadership, The 7 Figure Expert, How to Write a Book That Grows Your Authority and Builds Your Business, Unleashing Emotional Intelligence, Business Accelerator Formula, The Hidden Power of Authentic Leadership, How to Grow Your Career and Love What You Do, The Fast Financial Freedom Formula, The Art of Public Speaking, Ditch 9 to 5 and Succeed as an Entrepreneur, How to Achieve Personal Excellence, Take Off The 'Mask' Your Soul is Waiting, Stop Inauthenticity Taking The Best of You, Relationship Growth Principles, Creating a Healing Mind, Values and Value - The Missing Link, Bridge the Gap Between Spirituality and Science.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Let your heart be the only military commander that wins every battle in life." Tony J. Selimi, Principle #5, taken from The Unfakeable Code® Book

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