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The Power Of Listening
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What makes a good listener? In this book are a variety of tried and true exercises to benchmark where you are as a listener. Discover the power of being a good listener in the six benefits of being a good listener. Take part in the eighteen concrete activities to become a better listener, plus learn fourteen things to avoid when listening to someone. Of extreme relevance is Chapter 7: Listening Challenges in the Digital Age and how to Overcome Them. One of the first casualties of the digital juggernaut is the art of effective listening and writing. Instead of communicating with people face-to-face, we are reading texts, e-mails, and social media updates. This is a book that can be referenced again and again as you continue your journey of becoming a better listener.
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The Power Of Gratitude
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Lamees A. is a prolific, inspirational writer. She just recently released three tomes: The Devil’s Way The Power of Listening and The Power of Gratitude
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we all can make the world a better place

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