Peter Beren

Peter Beren
The Golden Gate
A portrait of one of the most famous bridges in the world with photography by Morton Beebe and an illustrative text consisting of vintage quotations on the bridge from natives and visitors as edited by Peter Beren plus a history of the bridge.
The Writers Legal Companion (with Brad Bunnin)
California the Beautiful (photography by Galen Rowell)
Vintage San Francisco (Photography by Moulin Studio)
Hidden Nappa Valley (Photography by Wes Walker)
Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra (Photography by Gary Crabbe)
Moving into Space (with the New Dimensions Foundation)
San Francisco Bay Area
Positions Held:

Publisher, Sierra Club Books
Publisher, Via Books
VP for Publishing, Palace Press Group
Acquiring Editor, Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc.
Boston Correspondent, Rags Magazine
Contributing Editor, Boston Phoenix
Advisor, Covercake
Advisor, 36-Views