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90 Days through the Bible
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Bible study encourages and guides you through the entire Bible in just three months.
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Guntersville, Alabama, USA
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Kathryn believes in unicorns, pots of gold at the end of the rainbows, and magical house-cleaning forest animals because if you dare to believe then you can create anything.

Kathryn builds cupcakes of BIG DREAM goals sprinkled with hope and a dash of twisted encouragement because if you aren’t enjoying the journey then it’s time to change rides.

Kathryn gives wings to possibility living because this world is full of superheroes that simply need to harness their unique superpowers and once you discover the Y of you then you will fly (or at least do amazing things that leave others awestruck).

You’ll find that she weaves the fanciful imagination with purposeful words of hope in the stories she shares because with a seed of hope everything can happen.
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From Blog to Book
Destress Your Life
Living Your Purpose
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Have fun, make friends, and be relentlessly helpful.

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