Vipin Labroo
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Live the Internet Life
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A book that describes the incredible manner in which the Internet is transforming the lives of young people across the world and enabling them to scale unprecedented heights. Whatever may be their passion, and whatever it may be that they are trying to sell, the Internet acts as the great enabler; in the process changing the way that the world works, entertains and indeed lives.
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Rambling Musings And A Few Short Stories
The Car Driver
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The author is a PR professional who lives and works in the Delhi-NCR region of India. He grew up in the hill town of Dehradun, which is famous for some of India's best schools and institutions.

Growing up in India in the nineteen seventies, and having started working in the last month of the last year of the the nineteen eighties, the author has witnessed tumultous changes in his country, impacted largely of course by the goings on in the world at large. From having been raised in gentler, laid back times to having to cope with today's frenzied and hopelessly interconnected world, the author feels that he has a unique perspective on life and the happenings around him.

He has tried to express his views by writing books. The first one, The Car Driver, is a fictional account of a car journey undertaken by three friends during which they have an intensely spiritual experience which changes their world view. The second book, Rambling Musings and a Few Short Stories is a collection of blogs and short stories he wrote over a period of three years. This is an account of the things that are reshaping our world even as we live our lives and includes a few fictional anecdotes and stories.

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